Dances With Eidolons (mesila) wrote in sexy_guy_hair,
Dances With Eidolons

salutations and a lookie

Hello fellow lovers of follicular endowment. I am one of those girls who really doesn't even notice guys with their hair whacked short (back when I was young and ruder I'd call them "shredheads".) I went through puberty ogling pictures of the old Alice Cooper band from 1968 and thus have this hippie acid-rock/glam-rock fetish that has been a constant through my whole life now. This is an unfortunately crappy overcompressed jpeg of the album cover that started it all for me:

easy action

I was wondering if this community were limited to stars/famous people in particular or if any long haired guys were alright. If the latter is permitted you might like to see my mate, deekoo on this site he puts our nekkid pictures on (some of them aren't nekkid, but a few are, just warning...) That would be here.
There are pictures of me elsewhere on that domain which are AWFUL and so don't look at those. I would like to get some new ones up since I shed the fifty pounds (and no, I have no idea how or why it happened because I didn't change diet or start exercising or develop some weird disease or something, at least I hope not.)

I have noticed long hair on guys seems to be coming back into vogue again, and I couldn't be happier about it...
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