Amanda Leigh (_amanda_leigh_) wrote in sexy_guy_hair,
Amanda Leigh

Franklin... My most recent obsession

Name: Franklin (last name unknown)
Age: 23
Birthday: Unknown but he's a Gemini
Where to find him: Boy Meets Boy on Bravo
Marital Status: Unknown but he is straight.
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue-Gray or Green. I can't tell.
Other info: Franklin grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and recently, at the age of 23, decided to move out to southern California. Franklin is a Sommelier and wants to pursue a Masters in wine. But he wasn't always so cultured. When he was a kid, he accidentally shot a park ranger with a pellet gun and had to do community service for his punishment. In his spare time, Franklin writes music and plays the guitar. He smiles a lot and feels that his hair is his sexiest attribute. Franklin believes that one can find love just about anywhere. (Scource:
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